About us.
SHC is a self-developed public chain, which will build an open data management and operation system and integrate blockchain technology with the medical industry.
Shelter Chain has created an open, equitable, and safe medical blockchain. With the support of underlying blockchain technology , it can achieve reliable storage, traceable management, tamper-proofing, and effective medical health data privacy protection as part of an orderly and controllable set of value utilisation within the industry ecosystem, enabling all participants in the blockchain to create and share value. In the Shelter Chain, individuals can establish complete and safe personal medical and health records based on personal authorisation. All personal health information data can be stored in the Shelter Chain in the form of health files, and individuals can share all or part of their personal medical data with medical institutions, medical health service providers, or commercial insurance institutions according to their individual needs to create value flow and allow the commercial development of medical health data. As the Shelter Chain develops, doctors, patients, and research institutions can all benefit from the sharing of medical and health information. Patients can enjoy more professional and personalised medical and health services, as well as being able to handle medical and health-related insurance claims more easily, saving time and increasing the value of claims. For doctors, developing a more comprehensive understanding of patients’ medical files may not only can save unnecessary time in repeated examinations but also provide more accurate judgments on the patient's condition and treatment, allowing the provision of accurate and high-quality medical services. For government regulators, this sharing can achieve more orderly and efficient supervision of the industry, while for individuals, research institutions, or enterprises who want to study medical and health information, they can use data provided by the platform after obtaining authorisation, using the SDK to create various medical information-related services and jointly promoting the development of the medical and health industry.

Commercial Features of Application Scenarios

Shelter Chain (SHC) is a developer-friendly common chain with the performance advantages of an underlying architecture based on the DPOS consensus mechanism. It also has supporting functions such as G-ID, GVM, BaaS, Blockcity-Pay, TEE, and Oracle Machine to facilitate the development of various applications. 
The following features of the Shelter Chain (SHC) hint at the unlimited possibilities for commercial value within Shelter Chain (SHC).