Total Issuance

The total issuance will be 2 billion; this total is constant and will never be exceeded. Initially based on ERC20 issuance, it will later develop its own main chain, with ERC20 tokens and main network tokens mapped at a 1:1 ratio. 

Token distribution

ICO aim: 1 billion

First stage: 50 million pieces, public chain development 

Second stage: 150 million to public chain development

Third stage: 200 million to the Shelter foundation

Fourth stage: 200 million to Shelter medical insurance 

Fifth stage: 400 million to Shelter without Borders hospitals 

Unsold tokens will be completely destroyed, and when the ICO proceeds reach 50%, the Shelter Foundation will be established in Singapore, consisting of Shelter Medical Insurance and the Shelter Open Hospital. The funds raised in this segment will be used to pay part of any medical expenses for holders of Shelter tokens. 

Team reservation: 1 billion, allocated as follows:
Foundation 10%: reserved to support the operation of the foundation and to provide the necessary funds for the healthy development of Shelter Chain (SHC), including audits; consulting, legal and other third-party fees; and other management costs; 

Technology development 30%: including costs; general expenses; and expenses directly attributed to release development, including funding hackathons, rewarding volunteers, and training programmes; 

marketing 15%: Including business development; community planning and outreach; related demand survey and analysis; marketing formulation and execution; and other marketing expenses. 

Public relations 10%: including public opinion monitoring; investor relationship maintenance; media relationship maintenance; and public relations 

Team operation 17%: including the daily development costs of the project. 

R & D sponsorship 8%: including conferences, research plans, and university outreach 

Private investments 10%: early investor work